Tuesday, 8 November 2016

BOUTIQUE | What is a Fashion Boutique ?

         Fashion Boutique for Women

To answer the question what is a fashion boutique?
Womens Fashion Boutique SovaCollection has emulated the style and fashion from the meaning coined from the French word “Boutique” (shop), which represents the small business shop that curates the products of fashion stylish designer clothing and handmade jewellery created and showcased to offer a touch of unusual pieces of quality made Jewellery and exudes the passion of something different in the fashion market place..

Our passion is part of the past designers fashion mind set, to innovate and emancipate the freedom of abstract art in fashion designing. Just as the shops of the 1960’s did in London, Carnaby Street and Kings Road, which were the centre piece of  media attention that witnessed the transition of a new fashion generation era of fashionable stores of our time. 

The Boutique is the fashion Mecca for new ideas, just as the fashion stylist movement for progressive ideas was started by Mary Quant who defined targeting marketing products such as the famous mini skirt, hot pants and thigh length boots, which she dominated in the Independent sector of fashion.
With Boutiques you culture the freedom of graduate young fashion designers to create avant-garde pieces to challenge mainstream fashion. Boutiques that are the platform for innovation and creativity,

Otherwise assimilated retail high street mainstream fashion tends to stifle young talented fashion designers from being imaginative and creative in thought and ideas for the next big thing.

The sixties symbolised liberalism and freedom of expression. We need to carry this tradition on and to help keep nurture individual innovation that Mary Quant and many other boutique styles in fashion created.

Boutique shops are positioned in the Independent sector market place, they specializes in small quantity one of garments, hand-made items; accessory crafted unique products, art crafted produced unusual T-shirts, stickers, and other Fashion Accessories.

Retail High Street Clothing stores are marketed differently to Fashion Boutiques, Retail stores are larger and their volume of stock are mass produced, compared to a Fashion Boutique that intentionally set-up their Boutique shops differently from mainstream high street shops, to create a unique niche in the market.

There shops are distinct in size and the clothes line and accessories they sell are special edition (one-off) designed and the volume of stock invariably limited due to the designer creativity being either from a collection or a one off line fashion line.

Either way for the shopper, this is the store to find clothing that is not on the high street, or part of the mainstream trend. It’s an Aladdin’s cave full of unusual styles for the discerning wearer to evolve a new style trend and to stand out from the crowd.

A Boutique displays prized garments that have been fashioned by the designer with the intention to convert those shoppers seeking the next big thing, with the benefit to the customer having the full attention from either the designer who created those beautiful pieces of art.
Although Fashion Boutiques are on the decline on the high street, just as the 60’s wave of Boutiques graced the streets of London, the few Boutiques that are out there still survives on the Independent Market, not competing against the big high street retailers, but by providing a clear market niche of what the customers want and provides a close relationship with customers.
Survival in the current market is positively assured, testament to this are seen in this news article I came across Independent Retailers (By Sean Hargrave).

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