Wednesday, 2 November 2016


There has been an increase of late on the internet of criminal phishing activity of spoof emails targeting PayPal customers.
The email contains a link to a fake PayPal log-in website which obtains the customer details using a data capture program, including your username / password and security answer to questions, to enable access to your account. They are feeding of customer’s uncertainty when being approached by such emails. An example of such a phishing email is below:-

Although there is an official PayPal logo, tell-tale signs can be seen by the way the email starts with “Important we’re concerned that someone” and then the email leads you to take action by clicking on   Log in to confirm your account, all to get you to open there the link that is a Trojan horse key logger program which will then install on your computer in order to gain access to your personal information from your PayPal account.
PayPal will never ask customers to disclose information by an email; all communication will always take place on the official website platform for PayPal and ONLY via a secure SSL (green padlock) connection and only when you are safely logged in, that any communication will take place. Other than that best advice is do not interact with a suspicious email and take the following action below-:
·       At all cost DO NOT OPEN THAT LINK YOU SHOULD report it immediately by forwarding the whole email to the address below:-

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